Our Vision

Our vision for Eden Business Park evolved from fundamental core principles to create an extremely flexible and cohesive employment environment fitting for such a high quality location.

These core principles are behind every decision we make and have assisted in the creation of hundreds of jobs by attracting new business to the Isle of Man, including the landmark Jacksons development.

Our Core Principles

  • We will be 100% self-funded with no subsidies from Isle of Man Government or the Manx tax-payer.

  • We will create high quality jobs and attract new brands and business to the island.

  • We will create over 6km of cycle paths, plant over 10,000 trees and develop a landscaped environment including a lakeside park.

  • We will set a new standard for commercial development on the Isle of Man.

Phase 1 Complete

As of July 2018, only one unit of the twenty four remains for sale, demonstrating the impact that careful, considered design and development can make to both the environment and the business community.

The design of the Phase 1 business units is strikingly different to traditional light industrial developments and incorporates the latest in energy-efficiency and environmentally-sound building practices. Not only does this help mitigate rising fuel costs but it also makes a powerful statement to businesses customers.

Phase 2 Complete - Jacksons

Perhaps the most noticeable development at Eden Business Park is the recently completed Jacksons state-of-the-art flagship showrooms and service centre.

A genuine landmark development for the island, the Jacksons build was managed by the highly respected Hartford Homes and has already created nearly 100 jobs.

Jacksons started in the 1940’s in Jersey and only operate within islands which now includes Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man. Uniquely bringing multiple marques under one roof, the Group offers unrivalled choice, quality and value for island customers.

The Future Vision

The Island’s economy needs to grow and we need to attract inward investment, but we don’t believe this should be at any cost.

The Isle of Man Government plan and policy documents entitled Vision 20/20, and the very recent Enterprise Isle, set out that the future success and ability for the Isle of Man to succeed in all respects relies on economic growth. It identifies that present stagnancy needs to be broken by inward investment.

We are ready to create a vision for the future that encompasses the development of a business park like no other. At £0 cost to island tax-payers, we have plans for over £500,000 investment to improve the existing infrastructure, which will also benefit stretched existing services to Douglas. We will protect existing ecological features, plant over 10,000 trees, create over 6km of cycle paths and footpaths, build a feature lakeside park and develop a range of commercial units ranging from landmark major businesses to a community of live/work units.

Our Eden vision for the future is wholly dependent on planning permission.